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SEMESTER:    2015B
CODE:        UNC
PI:          UNC
TITLE:       UNC
STARTDATE:   2015-12-07
ENDDATE:     2015-12-07
SUBMIT:      2015-12-04.15:51:23
OBSERVER:    Katie Eckert, Sheila Kannappan, Jo Ellen McBride
OBSERVEREM:,, mcbridej@
STARTDATE:   2015-12-07
FILTERS:     SDSS ugriz
GRATINGS:    400/1200/2100
OBJFILE:     targetlist_forsoar_120415.txt
INSTRUCT.BOT This is a split night with Katie and Sheila observing for the first half, and Jo Ellen for the second half. The target list attached is for the first half, and Jo Ellen will send her target list in a separate email. For calibrations we will need the image slicer and ADC and we will be taking dome flats. Jo Ellen will also need the ADC. We would like to start calibrations at 4pm Chilean time. The plan is for Katie and Sheila to start calibrations and to switch over to Jo ~6:30 Chilean time. I believe dinner time on the mountain is ~5:30, so Jo Ellen would need the operator to be back by 6:30. Jo Ellen projects that her calibrations will require another hour so we should be done well before sunset. Let us know if there are any issues with this plan. INSTRUCT.EOT Goodman_HTS.EOT