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SEMESTER:    2016A
CODE:        107
PI:          Tommaso Treu
TITLE:       High-resolution imaging confirmation of gravitationally lensed quasars discovered in STRIDES
STARTDATE:   2016-06-24
ENDDATE:     2016-06-26
SUBMIT:      2016-06-05.14:28:25
OBSERVER:    Veronica Motta
STARTDATE:   2016-06-24
FILTERS:     R, z
OBJFILE:     soar_107_target_list.txt
INSTRUCT.BOT A short name was given for each target (combination of RA&DEC). Each finding chart have the name of the target. The majority of the finding charts were created in Aladin, 4x4 arcmin (N up, E left), are in png format. Some were created in Skycat, 3x3 arcmin (N up, E left), are in ps format. Some of them overlap because we included 1 finding chart per each object. We might not be able to observe all the candidates, but we have a prioritized list of candidates to use in the telescope. We wish to include R band in the wheel slot (although we will be observing in z band) to help identify the targets during the acquisition. This is the second time the PI is going to use SAMI. Notice that this program and 608 share the same list of objects. INSTRUCT.EOT SAMI.EOT