Instrument Setup: SOAR Telescope Form

This form should be filled out a month in advance of your observing run.
It represents your acceptance of your telescope assignment.

Proposal Information
Please indicate the proposal information that applies to your run.

Proposal ID
Principal Investigator
Program Title
Dates of the Run
Give the full set of run
dates even if there is an
instrument change. Please
use (yyyy-mm-dd) format.
First Night:
Last Night:
Note: First and last nights
         may be equal.

Information about the observer (whether on-site or remote).

Observer's email address
A copy of this report will be sent to this address.
Separate multiple addresses with a comma.

Instrument Setup
Information about setting up the instrument.

Institution (Who is this program for?)
Which instrument(s) do you want to use?
(Check all that apply, in netscape
click an item to highlight it, in
MS/IE, hold down the control
key while clicking to select
multiple items.)

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