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4K CCD Camera on the SMARTS 1.0m Telescope: An Ohio State University 4K CCD camera has been successfully deployed on the Yale 1.0 meter telescope (operated by the SMARTS Consortium) by a team led by Darren DePoy.

CTIO+HST Team Up on the Helix Nebula: Images from HST and CTIO correlated with data from other optical and radio telescopes unveil a far more complex three-dimensional structure than previously thought.

Cerro Pachon to Remain Dark! Models predict that Chile's new "lighting law" will keep night sky brightness in Chile's II, III and IV Regions at or below present levels for decades to come.

Blanco Instrumentation: Update & Request for Community Input. CTIO actively seeks the views and suggestions of the scientific community regarding new Blanco 4m telescope instrumentation, such as the Dark Energy Camera proposed by the Dark Energy Survey Consortium.

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Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO) is a complex of astronomical telescopes and instruments located approximately 80 km to the East of La Serena, Chile at an altitude of 2200 Meters. Phone (011)-56-51-205200.

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CTIO's facilities are available for use for approved projects by qualified astronomers. CTIO is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy Inc. (AURA), under a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation as part of the National Optical Astronomy Observatories, which also operates Kitt Peak National Observatory in Tucson Arizona. The NSF is also the operating agency for the US portion of the International Gemini Project. The European Southern Observatory and the Carnegie Institution of Washington also operate major astronomical observatories nearby.