A New Infrared Capability at CTIO

We are pleased to announce the availability of 8-25 µ imaging and spectroscopy capabilities to CTIO users. This is due to an agreement between CTIO and a group at the University of Florida led by Dr. Charles Telesco for use of the instrument OSCIR.

OSCIR provides imaging at K through Q (20 µ) with broad and narrowband filters and a CVF, and spectroscopy at 8-14 µ with resolutions of ~50 to ~1000. Pixel scale is 0.2 arcsec per pixel with a 30 arcsec field (or slit length). OSCIR uses the f/30 focus of the 4m telescope. Further technical and performance information can be found at the OSCIR Web site (http://www.astro.ufl.edu/oscir/index.html) or by a link from the CTIO Web pages. OSCIR has been available as a general user instrument at the IRTF, and initial engineering and science data obtained with it on the Blanco telescope indicate a similar high level of performance is attained here.

Proposals to use OSCIR should be submitted in the same manner as any other proposal to CTIO, and there are no restrictions on its use. We are delighted to bring this capability to the Southern Hemisphere.

An image of eta Sgr shows diffraction rings (3rd and 5th rings visible).

Image of eta Sgr with diffraction rings

A line plot of a horizontal cut across the above image shows the rings a bit more graphically...

Cross cut of image showing rings
Ron Probst (rprobst@noao.edu)
Charlie Telesco (telesco@astro.ufl.edu)