Infrared Standard Stars


Standard Star Tables

  • CIT/CTIO Standards
  • Carter-Meadows Standards
  • HST/NICMOS Standards (aka Persson Stds)
  • Hunt Standards
  • UKIRT Faint Standards: Fundamental and Extended Lists (PDF, PostScript)
  • IR Extinction at CTIO
  • Finding Charts

  • Incomplete set of JPEG image Finding Charts
  • Complete set of PostScript images of the HST/NICMOS standards


    This page contains information on standard stars currently being used at CTIO with our facility imagers. The photometry data are from the lists compiled for CIT/CTIO standards by Elias et. al (1982), Carter-Meadows standards by Carter & Meadows (1995, which can be put on the the CIT/CTIO system using the derived color transformations), and the new faint HST/NICMOS standards by Persson et al. (1998) on the Las Campanas Observatory (LCO) system.   In order to be more generally useful to the community, we are including new sets of infrared standards not necessarily in use at CTIO.

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