Observers and Other Official Visitors to Cerro Tololo


If you are planning a trip to Cerro Tololo, you should be sure and read the Travel Information prepared by the Director's Office. Also, although it is a bit dated, there is some good advice in Bruce Balick's Airport Survival Guide.


Astronomers who are scheduled to observe on Tololo telescopes should be sure to submit the Visitor Support Questionaire and the Travel Questionaire before coming to Chile. Also, please don't forget to send in your Observing Run Summary Form immediately after your run is completed. The questionaires will be found in the Resources for Observing at CTIO. You will also find information on CTIO staff support responsibilities.


You should read the CTIO Network Security Guidelines.

If you plan on bringing down your own computer, please read the CTIO Visitor Computer Guidelines.

Observer Support has prepared a helpful list of CDs and Videos available on the mountain for your enjoyment. Any donations to the collection will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged!


Be warned that La Serena is not one of the gastronomical capitals of the world, but if you get hungry, here's a rudimentary La Serena/Coquimbo Restaurant Guide.

If you intend to call your friends back home to tell them how your trip is going, you might want to first check the following document concerning  the price of telephone calls.