Comet Shoemaker-Levy's impact on Jupiter

A summary of the event by John Spencer. Here is a report on the state of the dark spots on Jupiter in the week after the impacts.
Fragment A: Impact. [4 meter, 16 July : ~100Kb].

Fragments A & D: IR Color. [4 meter, 17 July 0210 UT : ~50Kb].

Sites: OSIRIS. [4 meter, 19 July : ~50Kb].

Please read this. The fits data file for this image is also available [~2Mb]

Other GIF images:

The following image data files taken at CTIO are also available (FITS format):
Fragment A: Impact. [4 meter, 16 July 2320 UT : ~17Kb].
Please read this.
Fragment A: Impact and Io. [4 meter, 16 July 2320 UT : ~75Kb].
Fragments A thru F: Impact. [4 meter, 18 July 0230 UT : ~20Kb].
Please read this.

NASA has some excellent WWW pages dedicated to Shoemaker-Levy 9: try the one at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, or the one at Goddard Space Flight Center.