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CTIO Blanco 4-m Telescope Target-of-Opportunity Observing Program Policies.

For the attention of: CTIO staff, Blanco 4-m telescope observers, CTIO Blanco 4-m telescope ToO program principal investigators.

Updated on: 6 Oct 2010

CTIO follows the NOAO Target of Opportunity observing program policy with the addenda given below for the V. M. Blanco 4-m telescope. We thank observers for their forbearance and co-operation with these policies.

The following table lists those persons authorized to initiate a ToO observation:
Person Name Email Telephone
Approved program PI or specified deputy See web page   
CTIO Support scientist for night in question See web page   
Blanco telescope / instrument scientists Tim Abbott Daytime: +56 51 205 216, Mobile: +56 9 874 8139
Alistair Walker Daytime: +56 51 205 305, Home: +56 51 270 172
Andrea Kunder Daytime: +56 51 205 330, Home: +56 51 292 779
Director, CTIO Chris Smith Daytime: +56 51 205 214

  • ToO interrupts should be issued only for observations that are time critical. Non-time-critical followup observations should be pursued through other means.

  • ToO PIs may not specify observing conditions under which the ToO observations are made; either the ToO observations are triggered or they are not. If a called ToO is clouded out then the time is charged, just as if the observations were made. The same is true of instrument/telescope failures.

  • ToO observations are authorized only for NOAO assigned telescope time. Observing runs assigned by the Chilean TAC may only be interrupted upon the consent of the scheduled observer.
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