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Live image of Cerro Tololo

Image will update in seconds

Look inside the Blanco dome here!

The camera is mounted on the seeing tower on Cerro Tololo and pointed almost due south. From left to right, the telescope domes are the Yale 1.0-m, the Curtis-Schmidt, the Blanco 4-m (with the reflective coat), the 1.5-m, the 0.9-m, and the 0.4-m telescopes. Gemini south and SOAR are just visible on the horizon at the far left of the image.

Exposure time ("exp") is in units of 0.02 ms. The image is updated every 60 seconds. A labelled version of the image is available here

Note: sometimes the webcam freezes and sometimes the clock gets out of sync. If the images are changing, then they are live, no matter what the date in the corner says. (If it looks like the image doesn't change, check the time in the corner anyway, or the frame number. Sometimes our weather is just so good, that you can't tell the difference from one frame to the next). If the camera has frozen up, please send email to mountain support to restart the camera. If the date is wrong, complain to Tim Abbott (

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