SAM improves the seeing

During SAM engineering on March 6/7 2012 a robust improvement of resolution has been achieved. Images of 7 astronomical objects were taken with SAMI in open and closed loop under a 0.7" seeing. The best resolution achieved in the I band is 0.3".

Images of the planetary nebula NGC 3132. Left: SAM in the R filter, resolution 0.34". Right: color image from HST. See the composite color image made by L. Fraga from the SAM data in B,V,R,I,Halpha filters. The size of the nebular's bright rim is 49"x32".

Median FWHM resolution in open loop (dashed line) and closed loop (full line) in different filters for SAM data of March 6/7, 2012. The histogram of FWHM in the I filter is shown on the right.

Fragments of open- and closed-loop images of globular cluster NGC 3102 in filters I and V.

Fragments of open- and closed-loop images of globular cluster NGC 5496 in filters V and I. See the full image in I filter, 120s exposure.

Images of the Boomerang reflection nebular obtained with SAM and HST. The resolution in the I filter is 0.30", see the radial profile of a star fitted by the Moffat function.

The operation of SAM AO loop was possible on March 6/7 because we removed the enclosure of the laser-launch telescope and reduced the internal seeing that usually "blows-up" the LGS spots to 2-3 arcsec. The image above is average of 200 WFS frames in closed loop and has LGS spots FWHM of 1.3 arcsec.