C. Moni Bidin Abstract

Exploring Star Formation in the Leading Arm of the Magellanic Stream

C. Moni Bidin (Universidad Catolicia del Norte), D. Dinescu, R. Mendez

Young, OB-type candidate stars located in the Leading Arm (LA) of the Magellanic Stream were selected based on UV, optical and IR photometry and proper motions from existing large-area catalogs. These candidates group in three clumps near regions of high HI density in the LA. While tidal models are necessary to produce the LA feature that precedes the Clouds in their orbit, they can not explain the many-branches morphology of the LA, as well as its kinematics. Recent results indicate that the hydrodynamical interaction with the Milky Way gaseous component may be of significant importance in shaping the LA. We present spectroscopic results for these candidates which will help better understand and constrain the formation of the LA.