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Follow-up Observations of Three Current LBV Outbursts in the LMC
R. Barbá (Universidad de La Serena), R. Gamen, N.R. Walborn, N. Morrell, and R. Angeloni

R127, R71, and HDE 269582 are presently undergoing extended outbursts that we have been monitoring with high-resolution spectroscopy from Chile and Argentina since 2008.  R127 has confounded our 2008 (Walborn et al., ApJ 683, L33) announcement of the "end" of its outburst from type Ofpe/WN9 that began in 1982, by rebrightening and returning to later spectral types.  R71 has exceeded 9th mag in brightness and reached late-F/early G spectral types; it now displays [Ca II] emission lines (characteristic of red transients) seen for the first time in a classical LBV.  HDE 269582 is continuously increasing its brightness, while dramatic changes are observed in its spectrum.  Correlative light curves of these three stars are also presented.  Further analysis of these extensive data will support advances in understanding of these important events, which are now directly associated with some CCSNe.