Y.-H. Chu Abstract

Young Stellar Objects in the Large Magellanic Cloud

Y.-H. Chu (University of Illinois), R.A. Gruendl, R.C.-H. Chen, H.-T. Lee, J.M. Evans

The Spitzer Space Telescope has made it possible to resolve and identify massive young stellar objects in the Large Magellanic Cloud. However, the angular resolution of Spitzer observations is limited. We have thus used the CTIO Blanco 4m telescope to obtain H-alpha and red continuum images with the MOSAIC camera, and near-IR images with ISPI and NEWFIRM to complement the Spitzer observations.  These data combined allow us to identify not only massive young stellar objects in molecular clouds, but also low-mass pre-main sequence stars in molecular clouds in molecular clouds that have not formed massive stars.  In the most complex star-forming region, the 30 Doradus, the Hubble Space Telescope images become indispensable.  Archival HST images of 30 Dor can be used to identify young stellar objects and study the on-going star formation in this starburst region.