Proceedings will be published as part of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series (ASPCS). The page limits are:
Invited Talk: 10 pages (30 + 10 min)
Historical Talk: 10 pages (20 + 10 min)
Contributed Talk (Long): 8 pages (20 + 10 min)
Contributed Talk (Short): 6 pages (10 + 5 min)
Poster: 4 pages

Please send your contribution by email to by 1 July 2013. Later submissions may not make it into the proceedings.
Here is the ASPCS sample tex file: aspauthor.tex
And here are the following style files:  asp2010.sty and asp2010.bst
All your files should start with your surname (e.g.: kunder.tex, kunder_fig1.eps, kunder_fig2.eps and so on).  
It is very important to fill out this copyright form, and return it with your submission.
For more information, here is the ASP Conference Series Manual.