2016 CTIO Summer Student Interns

The 2016 REU/PIA Student Program


Student &


Mentors Project TItle

Natalia Carignano (REU)

Smith College

Kathy Vivas

Searching for the Progenitor Galaxy of Omega Centauri


Sarina Etheridge (REU)

College of Charleston 

Catherine Kaleida Comparing Stellar Populations of Galaxies Across the Hubble Sequence

Alex Gordon (REU)

Macalester College

Sean Points

A Narrowband Emission-Line Survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud


Jacqueline Loerincs (REU)

Colorado School of Mines

César Briceño

An M2FS Spectroscopic Study of Young Low-Mass Stars in Orion OB1


Michael Pajkos (REU)

Butler University

Ricardo Salinas

Stellar Variability in the Intermediate Age Cluster NGC 1846


Sarah Stevenson (REU)

Williams College

Joanna Thomas-Osip

Photometric Calibration of the Gemini South Adaptive Optics Imager


Tomás Ahumada (PIA)

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Bryan Miller

The Extended Globular Cluster System of NGC 3923