ANDICAM Contacts

SMARTS Consortium

ANDICAM & CTIO 1.3m Telescope Contact Information

Program Coordinators:

Program coordinators are responsible for the coordinating their institution's shares of the SMARTS telescope time. Members of the U.S. and Chilean astronomical communities granted time on SMARTS telescopes and instruments through the NOAO TAC should work with the AURA/NOAO coordinator.

These contacts are for both SMARTS in general and ANDICAM in particular:

SMARTS Contacts & Coordinators:

SMARTS Operations:
    Prof. Charles Bailyn (
    SMARTS Consortium General Manager

    Victoria Gardner (
    SMARTS Administrative Coordinator

Ohio State University:
    Prof. Darren DePoy (
    Instrument configuration and future upgrades

    Prof. Richard Pogge (
    Data-Acquisition and Observing Preparation/Tracking Software


Informational Contacts:

ANDICAM Observing Queue Manager:
    Dr. Michelle Buxton (Yale) (

Data Processing and Archving Manager:
    Dr. Suzanne Tourtellotte (Yale) (

ANDICAM Instrument Scientist:
    Prof. Darren DePoy (OSU) (

CTIO Operations:
    Dr. R. Chris Smith (CTIO) (

ANDICAM Web Pages & Observing Preparation Tools:
    Prof. Richard Pogge (OSU) (

NOAO Observer Programs:
    Dr. R. Chris Smith (CTIO) (