Beginning of the Night

1 hour before sunset:  Old Console Room ( C Floor )

  1. Check Weather Conditions
  2. Orient the shutter eastward to make sure no direct sunlight will enter the dome.
  3. Open the dome (before opening mirror cover!)
  4. Open the mirror cover
  5. Turning OFF mirror cooler executed automatically ( BECS )
  6. Turning ON sucker & extractors executed automatically ( BECS )
  7. Turn OFF dome floor stirring fan
  8. Turn OFF both AHU's units
  9. Open the lateral sliding doors

             Note: if wind is greater than 15 mph on average wind buffet on the telescope may produce elengated images in which case the sliding doors should be closed.Under any circumstances,the lateral doors must be closed if the wind speed is greater than 25 mph.

      10. Make sure all passageway doors are closed, especially the glass door in front of the lift at GR floor, the cryocooler compressor and pump rooms.

** In the Console Room : G Floor

- Using the TCS GUI :

      11. Turn on 4MAP Optical Corrections for M1 : (See why)

                   ** If working at f/8: COSMOS - ARCOIRIS :

                            - Choose 4MAP table for F8

                            - Turn ON M2 Corrections ON ALWAYS!!!

                            - Check collimation

                    **  If working at Prime: DECAM

                             - Choose 4MAP table for PF

                             - Activate TWK ON  ( ONLY FOR PF )

At Sunset :

  1. OPEN AtmCam
  2. OPEN Rasicam