This page contains comparision lamp spectra that are used for the wavelength calibration of COSMOS on the Blanco 4-m Telescope and KOSMOS on the Mayall 4-m Telescope.  General information on the COSMOS dispersers can be found on the COSMOS Disperser page.

Lamp Disperser 3 pixel Blue 3 pixel Center 3 pixel Red
CuHeAr (Hollow Cathode) Blue (b2k) CuHeAr_bgbs.pdf CuHeAr_bgcs.pdf CuHeAr_bgrs.pdf
HgNe (Penray) Blue (b2k) HgNe_bgbs.pdf HgNe_bgcs.pdf HgNe_bgrs.pdf
HgAr (Penray) Blue (b2k) HgAr_bgbs.pdf HgAr_bgcs.pdf HgAr_bgrs.pdf
CuHeAr (Hollow Cathode) Red (r2k) CuHeAr_rgbs.pdf CuHeAr_rgcs.pdf CuHeAr_rgrs.pdf
HgNe (Penray) Red (r2k) HgNe_rgbs.pdf HgNe_rgcs.pdf HgNe_rgrs.pdf
HgAr (Penray) Red (r2k) HgAr_rgbs.pdf HgAr_rgrs.pdf HgAr_rgrs.pdf
CuHeAr (Hollow Cathode) Wide (l2k) N/A N/A CuHeAr_lgrs.pdf
CuHeAr (Hollow Cathode) Wide (l2k) + GG395 N/A N/A CuHeAr_lgrs_gg395.pdf
HgNe (Penray) Wide (l2k) N/A N/A HgNe_lgrs.pdf
HgNe (Penray) Wide (l2k) + GG395 N/A N/A HgNe_lgrs_gg395.pdf
HgAr (Penray) Wide (l2k) N/A N/A HgAr_lgrs.pdf
HgAr (Penray) Wide (l2k) + GG395 N/A N/A HgAr_lgrs_gg395.pdf
CuHeAr (Hollow Cathode) High-Res Blue (hb4k) CuHeAr_hbgbs.pdf CuHeAr_hbgcs.pdf CuHeAr_hbgrs.pdf
HgNe (Penray) High-Res Blue (hb4k) HgNe_hbgbs.pdf HgNe_hbgcs.pdf HgNe_hbgrs.pdf
HgAr (Penray) High-Res Blue (hb4k) HgAr_hbgbs.pdf HgAr_hbgrs.pdf HgAr_hbgrs.pdf
CuHeAr (Hollow Cathode) Visible (v4k) CuHeAr_vgbs.pdf CuHeAr_vgcs.pdf CuHeAr_vgrs.pdf
HgNe (Penray) Visible (v4k) HgNe_vgbs.pdf HgNe_vgcs.pdf HgNe_vgrs.pdf
HgAr (Penray) Visible (v4k) HgAr_vgbs.pdf HgAr_vgcs.pdf HgAr_vgrs.pdf
CuHeAr (Hollow Cathode) High-Res Red (hr4k) CuHeAr_hrgbs.pdf CuHeAr_hrgrs.pdf CuHeAr_hrgrs.pdf
HgNe (Penray) High-Res Red (hr4k) HgNe_hrgbs.pdf HgNe_hrgcs.pdf HgNe_hrgrs.pdf
HgAr (Penray) High-Res Red (hr4k) HgAr_hrgbs.pdf HgAr_hrgrs.pdf HgAr_hrgrs.pdf
Lamp Disperser 3 pixel Blue 3 pixel Center 3 pixel Red
HeNeAr (Hollow Cathode) Blue (b2k) HeNeAr_bgbs.pdf HeNeAr_bgcs.pdf HeNeAr_bgrs.pdf
HeNeAr (Hollow Cathode) Red (r2k) HeNeAr_rgbs.pdf HeNeAr_rgcs.pdf HeNeAr_rgrs.pdf