During the night

Blanco 4-m Daily Procedures - During the Night

  • Watch the weather, make sure the bad weather rules are followed.
  • A 1° temperature difference between the mirror surface and the ambient air will create additional mirror-seeing (typically up to 0.5" extra for 1° difference). Thus our goal is to maintain the mirror temperature within 1° of the predicted temperature of the following night.
  • If wind speed is greater than 15 mph on average wind buffet on the telescope may produce elongated images in which case the sliding doors should be closed if need be,raise windscreen.
  • Occasionally look at BCS telemetry and check that:

    • All for mirror sensors are within 0.5-1°C of each other
    • Mirror temperature, dome temperature and outside temperature are within 1°C of each other
    • R.A. bearing hydraulic oil cooling is working (if not, the oil temperature will rise quickly to around 30°)
  • Do DECAM CheckList around 3 A.M.
  • Report any problems.