End of night

Blanco 4-m Daily Procedures - End of the Night

  1. Turning OFF the mirror sucker executed automatically ( BECS )
  2. Turning  ON the mirror cooler executed automatically (BECS )
  3. Turn ON dome floor stirring fan
  4. Turn ON both AHU's units.
  5. If working at Cass, turn off the chimney fans ( not in use...TBD )
  6. Close the mirror cover (before closing dome!)
  7. Close the dome
  8. Close the lateral sliding doors
  9. Make sure an End-of-night report has been filled.
  10. If this is the last night of a run, remind the observer to complete an End-of-run report.
  11. Close the ATMCAM
  12. Rasicam status
  13. Windscreen status
  14. Make sure an Telescope Operator Report has been filled