About the CTIO Libraries




Click here to access our online catalog, through which you can browse multiple academic journals, observatory publications, and books, all of which can be found in CTIO's La Serena library branch.

NOAO library
Click here to access NOAO's base library webpage, which contains subscriptions (already paid for) to numerous electronic journals, as well as many links to a variety of online databases.  This library webpage can also give you access to NOAO's North and South publications.


The CTIO Libraries are research libraries that support the work of CTIO and Gemini scientific staff and visitors by providing and facilitating access to information found in both electronic and paper materials.

The physical collection consists of books, journals, and observatory publications in astronomy, physics, mathematics, science, and technology. The libraries have complete runs of the major astronomical journals (some dating from the 19th
century), including ApJ, AJ, MNRAS, and A&A.

The journals and observatory publications are located at Cerro Tololo; the books and the last two years of journals are located mostly in La Serena. The CTIO library shares the same library catalog with the NOAO library in Tucson.

New issues of journals are no longer received in paper format (with a few exceptions). These issues are available electronically through CTIO Library subscriptions available through the library webpage and online library catalog. The electronic journal subscriptions at CTIO, Tucson, and Gemini are different (not shared).

The library maintains the journal subscriptions, circulates materials, obtains articles, and provides reference assistance.

Nicole Auza
Assistant Librarian
Phone: 51-2205301
Mon.-Thurs. 9AM-1PM
Fri. 9AM-1PM (publications only)