New CTIO Website

Hello Everyone,

We are happy to announce that we are moving over to the new CTIO website over today. It can be accessed using the regular CTIO URL:

If you cannot find what you need on the new site, you can temporarily go to the old website at the following URL: This URL can also be access on the new site by hovering your mouse over the menu link called "CTIO" and clicking "Old CTIO Site".

We are anticipating that there will be possible problems since not everything on the old site has been moved over to the new site , however everything should still work on the previously mentioned URL.

Here are direct links to:

a) Night reports/ End of run reports

b) Calcium calendar


d) Webmail

e) Please make an effort to find things on the new site, such as Telescope Schedules, since in the future we will be delinking the old site.

Hovering on the new site over "Astronomers" >> "Observing" >> "Telescope Schedules"

If you have any comments, errors accessing pages, and for the miscreants who didn't login previously and now need your password to access the intranet pages on the NEW site please send an email to