Science and Service

My science interests are mostly concerned with the nature of stellar systems containing old populations, such as globular clusters and dwarf spheroidal galaxies.  Most recently I have been involved with the discovery and study of ultrafaint galaxy companions to the Mily Way and (possibly) to the Magellanic Clouls, from the Dark Energy Survey (DES) and the SMASH survey, both with the Dark Eneregy Camera (DECam) on the CTIO Blanco 4m telescope.   I've also worked on the astronomical distance scale, using Cepheids and RR Lyraes, and the study of RR Lyraes in globular clusters and the galactic bulge.  My main support function is as Instrument Scientist for  DECam, and leader of the group that supports DECam users.   I am also interested in developing the case for the use of the Blanco and DECam as an essential part of LSST science operations, where DECam is used in real-time to "fill in" observations of s significant fraction of the LSST cadence.