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Would you like to give a science or technical talk in La Serena?





If you are interested in giving a talk during your visit to La Serena, please contact us at colloquia-contact

The AURA Observatories in Chile – CTIO, Gemini, and SOAR – sponsor a colloquium series on any aspect of astronomical science.
The staff would very much like to hear about your work. Our talks are generally scheduled at 11:00 am or 4:30pm from Monday to Friday.
However, because of travel and observing constraints, we can schedule your talk at any time Monday to Friday at a time convenient to you. We offer an AURA motel room accommodations for our speakers. If you are willing, we would also like to post a copy of your talk in PDF format on our web page. This is strictly voluntary, however, so feel free to say no!

We invite anyone from the La Serena astronomical community – AURA, University of La Serena, Las Campanas, and ESO Observatories – to attend. We can also schedule IP transmission of any of our talks held in the AURA conference room to external sites around the world.

In addition to our colloquium series, the AURA scientific staff have a staff tea every Friday at 11:00am in the Olin G. Eggen Library.
We encourage visitors to join us with any informal science, engineering, or technical topics they would like to present.

Finally, we offer a separate AURA Technical Talk series for visitors who would like to give a talk on any technical aspects of astronomy – instrument development, software design, engineering, site surveys, and the like. Please email Malcolm Smith at