Victor Blanco



Director from July 1967 until 1981. During his Directorship the 4-m telescope was constructed and brought into operation, it was then the largest telescope in the Southern Hemisphere, later on, in December 1995  "In appreaciation for many years of outstanding leadership and service at CTIO" the 4 meter telescope was named "Victor M. Blanco Telescope"  

Victor Blanco was one of the towering figures of the last century in the development of international astronomy in Chile. At CTIO he formed a scientific, engineering and technical staff who were forefront in instrumentation and computers, he was also able to create a network of important people, both in the U.S. and in Chile, who shared a common goal and who had the influence to bring about the necessary policies and administrative structures that resulted in the extensive astronomical activity that exists today throughout Chile. His active participation in the Chilean community established CTIO as a Chilean icon.