Eric Mamajek

   Dr. Eric E. Mamajek
   Associate Astronomer
  Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory

   Casilla 603
   La Serena, Chile, S.A.
   emamajek ctio noao edu
  +56-51-205-200 ext. 294

Current observatory service:
Blanco 4-m telescope scientist
Blanco f/8 secondary mirror recovery
CTIO website

Notes on the night sky brightness at Cerro Tololo - and rough predictions in DECam bands (April 2012)
Notes on the eclipsing disk+ring system 1SWASP J140747.93-394542.6 "J1407" (June 2012)
Notes on geodetic and geocentric positions and elevations for observatories on Cerro Tololo and Cerro Pachon (July 2012) (summary table)

Curriculum Vitae
Select publications since 2010
Select first-author publications

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Select publications since 2010 (one sentence summary is given, not the title):
Discovery of an eclipse of a young Sun-like star by an extrasolar ring system (Mamajek, et al. 2012)
Best-studied nearby OB association (Upper Scorpius) is twice as old as previously thought (Pecaut, Mamajek, & Bubar, 2012)
A new comprehensive look at stellar dynamos, rotation, and magnetic activity (Wright, Drake, Mamajek, & Henry, 2011)
Discovery of a nearby, extremely young, low-mass binary star with an edge-on disk (Looper, et al. 2010)
MMT/AO infrared imaging of the HR 8799 exoplanetary system (Hinz et al. 2010)
Constraints on the Earth's magnetic field strength and magnetopause distance 3.4 billion years ago (Tarduno et al. 2010)
Discovery of a faint stellar companion to the famous star Alcor with MMT/AO (Mamajek et al. 2010)

Select first-author publications (one sentence summary is given, not the title):
Improved age estimation for Sun-like stars using rotation/activity diagnostics (Mamajek & Hillenbrand 2008)
Discovery of ~100 new, young, post-T Tauri members of the nearest OB association (Mamajek et al. 2002)
Discovery of a star cluster at distance 97 parsecs associated with Eta Cha (Mamajek, Lawson, Feigelson, 1999) and followup paper (2000)
Discovery of a star cluster at distance 170 parsecs associated with Mu Oph  (Mamajek 2006)
Calculation of kinematic distances to the young exoplanet candidate 2M1207b and TW Hya association members (Mamajek 2005)
Lifetimes of protoplanetary disks in the mid-infrared with Magellan Baade 6.5-m telescope (Mamajek et al. 2004)
Distance to the Rho Ophiuchus star-forming complex (Mamajek 2008)
Lifetimes of protoplanetary disks (Mamajek 2009)
Observational consequences of protoplanet collisions - an unlikely explanation for 2M1207b (Mamajek & Meyer 2007)
On the genetic history between Sco-Cen and many nearby young (<20 Myr) stellar groups (Mamajek & Feigelson 2001)