Malcolm Smith CV

Curriculum Vitae

 (28 December, 2017)

Name: Malcolm G. Smith

Address: AURA Observatory, Casilla 603, La Serena, Chile

Date and place of birth: 17th April 1942; Tavistock, England

Marital status: Married.

Name of spouse: Anamaría K. Maraboli Marañado

Children: Paulina and Carolita

Nationality: British

Tavistock School, Devonshire, England.               Captain of the school.
University of London, Kings College, England.      B.Sc., (Special Honours), Physics (1964).
Victoria University of Manchester, England.          Ph.D., Astronomy (1967).

Scholastic Honors:
United Kingdom State (i.e. National) Scholarship (for undergraduate support).
Science Research Council Research Studentship (for post-graduate support).
Leathy Essay Prize (Kings College London essay competition - course on comparative religions).
Professional Employment:
Department of Biophysics, Roswell Park Memorial Institute (for cancer research), Buffalo, USA: Summer Research Fellow (1963).
Kitt Peak National Observatory, Arizona, USA:  Postdoctoral fellow.  (1967-1969).
Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, Chile: Assistant/Associate Astronomer (1969-1976).
Anglo-Australian Observatory, Australia: Principal Research Scientist (1976-1979).
Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, Scotland: Head of Technology. (1979-1984).
United Kingdom Infrared Telescope, Hawai'i, USA: Astronomer-in-Charge (1984-1993).
UK/Canada/Netherlands Joint Astronomy Centre, Hawai'i, USA: Director (1987-1993).
Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, Chile: Director (1993-2003)
US National Optical Astronomy Observatories: Associate Director (1993-2003).
AURA Observatory in Chile: Director (1998-2007)
Astronomer - Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory (1993- 2011).  Moved to half time October 2011.  Granted Emeritus Astronomer position, effective on retirement from the CTIO payroll at the end of September, 2017. 


SUMMARY (with links):
I am currently an Emeritus Astronomer (the first) at CTIO with some special responsibilities (at local and international level) for controlling light pollution.

I obtained my PhD in 1967. I have published over a hundred refereed research papers and a similar number of non-refereed contributions (see lists below) covering topics in x-ray, optical, infrared, submillimetre, and longer-wavelength radio astronomy. My primary interest has been in the discovery and observational study of quasars and active galactic nuclei and the properties of absorption material along the lines of sight.  I have worked as a staff astronomer at national and international observatories in the US, UK, Australia and Chile. I have built astronomical instruments in the US and in the UK and have also set up and led an instrumentation-engineering group at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh (that group later became the UK Astronomy Technology Centre). I was a consultant to the (then) UK SRC on the design and application of prisms for the discovery of quasars with the UK Schmidt telescope in Australia.  

On the administrative side, I was one of two scientists charged in the early 70s with preparing the scientific case for what is now the UK component of the international observatory on La Palma in the Canary islands.  While in Hawai'i, I was elected and then re-elected as an (international) at-large member of the AURA Board of Directors.   I served on AURA's international search committee for the Gemini project scientist (and proposed the winning candidate, who later became Director of Gemini, Director of the Space Telescope Science Institute and is now President of AURA): I served also as (elected) chairman of the Observatories' Advisory Committee (OAC) with ex-officio membership of AURA's executive committee (now simply called "The Board"). The OAC (later known as the OC) then oversaw AURA's management of its three (US) national ground-based observatories including the National Solar Observatory, as well as dealing with (and helping to develop) the US interests in GEMINI

Before returning to Chile in 1993, I was the Director of the UK/Canada/Netherlands Joint Astronomy Centre in Hawaii, which operated what were then the world's largest dedicated infrared (UKIRT) and single-dish submillimetre-wave (JCMT) telescopes for the benefit of the international community of astronomers. I played a significant part in attracting to Hilo many of the organizations currently located in the UHH Research Park in Hilo.
For thirteen years, through to the end of March, 2007, I acted as Representative of  AURA in Chile - a quasi-diplomatic position recognised by the Chilean government. This role expanded in 1998 when I was appointed Head (later the first Director) of the AURA Observatory in Chile - which includes the telescopes on Cerro Pachón (Gemini South and SOAR ), on Cerro Tololo (including those operated by the SMARTS consortium), plus the southern parts of the US Gemini Project Office, and of NOAO's Major Instrumentation and Data Products Programs (i.e. "NOAO-South") and the AURA Observatory Support Services group (AOSS).  By 2007, the AURA Observatory in Chile had grown to around 223 staff from about 20 countries; ~170 of our employees were Chilean hires.  I played a significant role in the legislation promulgated by the Chilean Government to cover its involvement in the Gemini Project.  Until 2007, I was involved in negotiations with the Chilean Authorities regarding possible future sites in Northern Chile for the TMT all of which I had visited (and which included Cerro Armazones at 3,060m, which became the site that was recommended by the ESO Site Selection Advisory Committee for the 40m E-ELT; the SSAC noted that "For the sake of efficiency", the sites - all in North and South America - preselected by the TMT site selection team from the US - "were not studied by the ESO team, as the TMT shared their data with the SSAC".  Cerro Armazones was selected by ESO on 26th April 2010.  The TMT management showed greater interest in installation on Mauna Kea.  In the IAU, many of us liked the resultant north-south balance, but we needed to learn greater sensitivity to local cultural beliefs in Hawaii (as discussed in a conference in Hilo, Hawai'i, immediately following the IAU General Assembly in Honolulu).
I had earlier stepped down (in November, 2003, at my own request) after ten years' service as the Director of the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in charge of the southern operations of the US National Optical Astronomy Observatory ("NOAO South").   It was a great period to be at the observatory.  In early March 1994 I had set out a summary vision for the observatory in the NOAO Newsletter No. 37, describing the current state of CTIO, the need for change, current priorities and longer-term changes.  ~150 refereed papers were published each year during that ten-year interval, based on data taken at Cerro Tololo. In 1998, Science awarded its "Breakthrough of the Year" prize to two independent research groups for their work on a possible acceleration in the expansion of the universe; (the 1997 prize was for the cloning of "Dolly" the sheep). This cosmological research was based on measurements of type Ia supernovae, discovered using the wide-field survey capabilities at CTIO; the research led eventually to the award of the Nobel Physics Prize in 2011 (see especially pp 9-13 at this link) to the leaders of the two groups involved.  NOAO South had other units (apart from Cerro Tololo) involved in site surveys for a 30-meter segmented-mirror telescope, as well as checking site conditions for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope.   The basic operations of NOAO South cost approximately $6M per annum.  Previous Directors of Cerro Tololo were Drs. Jurgen Stock, Victor M. Blanco, Patrick S. Osmer and Robert E. Williams.  Dr. Alistair Walker served during the period 2003-2008.  Dr. Christopher Smith, who is currently the local director of AURA activities in Chile, served as CTIO director during the period 2008-2012; the current director is Dr. Steven Heathcote.
I was elected an Associate of the Royal Astronomical Society in 2004.

I  took a 5-month sabbatical in the UK at Durham University, England, which was followed by a round-the-world trip in May-June 2008 including giving 4 lectures  at a summer school on cosmology in Beijing (May), attending the IAU's EC84 in Norway (late May) and attending the International Dark-Sky Association's annual board meeting in Tucson in early June.

Most recently I have become quite heavily involved in the world-wide effort to control light pollution as an environmental and astronomical imperative, along with the associated public affairs, outreach and education effort. Chile has committed to a multi-year lighting replacement project involving three, astronomically-sensitive, northern Regions. In 2006 I completed a three-year term as President of IAU Commission 50, which was in charge of the protection of existing and potential astronomical observatory sites, world wide. Before that, I was the first chairman of the Commission 50 Working Group, which was charged with controlling light pollution around existing and potential observatory sites. I served for 9 years as a member of the Board of Directors of the International Dark Sky Association, the leading international body supporting the control of light pollution.  In August 2006 I began a three-year term as President of (the then) IAU Division XII, which included Commission 50 and Commissions which were related to Astronomy Education and Development and to Communicating Astronomy with the Public. We helped the various Commissions within Division XII to combine their disparate interests in the context of the International Year of Astronomy (2009) in honor of Galileo Galilei.  

I was a member of the Scientific Organizing Committee of the first meeting of the UNESCO - sponsored "Starlight" initiative on La Palma in the Canary Islands, which was held in April, 2007. Interestingly, the honorary President of the Committee of Honour was His Royal Highness, the King of Spain. Following on from this, I joined the IAU Working Group on Astronomy and World Heritage (under the chairmanship of Clive Ruggles) and started work within the "Starlight" group (led by Cipriano Marin) on seeing how to arrange a nomination of Northern Chile as a potential UNESCO World Scientific Heritage site as a way to protect the night sky here as a heritage for future generations, as well as protecting the ESO, Las Campanas and AURA observatory installations so as to be suitable for the powerful optical telescopes that are scheduled to be arriving within the next decade (and so will need dark skies for the lifetime of these facilities). I was also invited to attend the second and third (and associated) meetings in the multidisciplinary "Starlight" series at Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, March/April 2009) and Lake Tekapo (New Zealand, South Island, June 2012).  Follow up efforts were made at the IAU General Assembly in China (August 2012) to secure IAU support (and present aural contributions). While in Beijing, I was awarded the IDA's David Crawford Lifetime Achievement Award. I have recently (August 2016) been recognised as a Founding Lifetime Member of the International Dark Sky Association.  Most recently (January, 2017) I received an invitation (on behalf of the Cabildo Insulár de La Palma and the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canárias) to present a talk in April (2017) related to preserving the cultural values of Starlight at the tenth anniversary of the "Starlight Declaration" resulting from the first in this conference series (see Invited Reviews list #23 below).  This recent conference included summaries (by otheers) of the work we have been doing in Chile, La Palma and Hawaii and some other potential, more historical sites in preparing UNESCO Extended Case Studies to pass on to the relevant national governments for them to consider in possible approaches by those governments to UNESCO to seek to have these sites declared UNESCO World Heritage sites.  I was also invited (in January, 2017) by the international Light Pollution Experts Coalition, (members of the European Environmental Bureau) to provide comments on their proposed "Minimum Requirements for the European Union Green Public Procurement Criteria for Road Street Lighting and Traffic Signals". 

Following on from the Expert Meeting in Fuerteventura it was resolved that "After the Fuerteventura meeting (Starlight Reserves and World Heritage: Scientific, Cultural and Environmental Values, April 2009), and taking into account the Kazan recommendations (UNESCO-IAU Conference on Astronomy and World Heritage, August 2009), the group of experts was convened with the aim to go forward on the identification of case studies, contents and proposals of natural areas, nightscapes and exceptional sites for astronomical observation that should be included in the World Heritage List. The second objective has been to analyse and propose coordination, dissemination and networking actions to promote the defence of star-related cultural, scientific and natural heritage, and of those places that can be promoted as starlight and dark sky reserves."

The "Case Study" (UNESCO-speak) that I prepared for the AURA Observatory in Chile (as the most threated by light pollution of the primary sites in northern Chile) was selected along with those for Hawaii and the Canary Islands for the next stage - an "Extended Case Study".  These Extended Case Studies, prepared in early 2012, were discussed at the "Starlight" meetings in New Zealand and finalized at and shortly after the IAU General Assembly in China (August 2012). These serve as examples that "States Parties" to the UNESCO World Heritage Convention can use if the authorities in the countries concerned wish to take things further.  We have been hoping to encourage a "Serial Nomination" involving Chile, Spain, the USA and several other countries in this attempt.  Much more detailed information about this effort is included in the links given in this part of the CV.

In 2015 I also became become involved (by invitation) in nomination work for potential new IDA Dark Sky sites in Chile.  I was the "AURA Proposal Leader" for the (successful) nomination of the Chile AURA Observatory Site as the world's first International Dark Sky Sanctuary and attended the announcement of this designation at a special meeting in Honolulu in August, 2015, just before the General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union. 


A much more extensive (NSF-sponsored) oral summary of my career has been prepared in conjunction with Dr. Patrick McCray and is deposited, along with a written transcript, in the permanent collections of the Niels Bohr Library of the American Institute of Physics Center for History of Physics.  (At my request, this ~120-page summary will not be generally available on the internet until after my death, to avoid unnecessarily re-igniting old controversies or propagating inaccuracies that can arise from a limited historical perspective.  Partial accounts of my career, some filling the personal gaps in Dr. McCray's account, have been published by others elsewhere).


Professional Societies:
Royal Astronomical Society (Honorary Fellow. Elected as an Associate of the RAS in February, 2004, now listed as an Honary Fellow
American Astronomical Society.
Astronomical Society of the Pacific.  (Life member).
Sociedad Chilena de Astronomia.  (Elected as the first winner of the SOCHIAS Prize for the Development of Chilean Astronomy - in January, 2010). 
International Astronomical Union (IAU)


Current IAU Status:

Active Member

Affiliation(s) within the IAU

Past affiliation(s) within the IAU

  • Past President of Division XII Union-Wide Activities (2006-2009)
  • Past President of Division B Commission 50 Protection of Existing & Potential Observatory Sites (2003-2006)
  • Past Organizing Committee Member of Division XII Union-Wide Activities (2003-2006)
  • Past Member of Division VIII Galaxies & the Universe (until 2012)
  • Member of Executive Committee WG International Year of Light: Cosmic Light

To British Science Research Council:  Northern Hemisphere Observatory Project. Together with the late Prof. Redman of Cambridge University, wrote the scientific case for what became the UK optical observatory in La Palma (1973).
U.K. Schmidt Telescope Unit, Royal Observatory Edinburgh.   Advised on application of objective prisms and the UK Schmidt to the discovery of quasars (1976).Member of, and advisor to, various SERC scientific and technical committees (1980-1984).
Member of Advisory Committee to the Center for Astronomy and Space Science Education, University of Hawaii, Hilo (1987-1993).
Member of international (4-person) Director's Committee on Gemini Operations (1993).
To CNPq - Brazil's National Research Council. Member of (5-person) International Committee to review the Status of Astronomy in Brazil (1994) as one of two non-Brazilian members - led to incorporation of Brazil into the SOAR consortium.

Astronomical Outreach activities:
Testified before several scientific committees and panels of the Chilean Congress.
Served on various thesis committees as external examiner (1969-2005): (e.g. University of Texas; University of Cambridge; Universidad de Chile). 
Provided material for testimony to the UK House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology investigating the effects of light pollution.   This effort (by others) reached the Deputy Prime Minister's Office and led to a classification of Light Pollution as a "statutory nuisance".  Quoted in the report of The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution "Artificial Light in the Environment".
Member of the Subaru Telescope International Review Committee (2005; one of 2 non-Japanese members).
Member of the Scientific Committee for the conference "Starlight - A Common Heritage"/"La Luz de las Estrellas - Patrimonio de Todos" and of the International Committee charged with framing the public conference "Declaration of the Right to Starlight" - UNESCO - La Palma; (April, 2007).
Leader of 4-person AURA Proposal Team that successfully proposed the AURA-O site to the IDA in 2015 as the World's first "Dark Sky Sanctaury".

Committes and Boards:
Joint organizer - RAS conference on "Quasars" (1984).
Editor, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (1984-1985).
Member of Mauna Kea User's Committee (1985-1993).
Member of Mauna Kea Directors' Committee (1986-1993).
Member of Management Board of the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh (1991-1993).
Member of Management Board of the SERC Observatories (1993).
Member of AURA Board of Directors (as Director-at-Large), (1987-1990); re-elected (1990-1993); re-elected (1993).
NOAO Observatories' Advisory Committee member (AURA Board appointment (1988-1990); re-elected (1990-92); (1993).
    Elected chairman (1992-1993).
AURA Board - Executive Committee member (1992-93).
AURA 8-m Advocacy Committee (1990-1993).
AURA international search committee, for Gemini project scientist (1992).
GEMINI oversight committee (1992-93). (AURA interim appointment); elected 1993 (by AURA Board).
Affiliate Professor of Physics, and member of the Graduate Faculty, University of Hawaii (1985-1993).
Scientific Organising Committee - International Workshop on BL Lacertae Objects, Lake Cuomo, Italy (1987-1988).
Visiting Resident Scientist, Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (1988-1989).
Member of the Senior Management Committee, NOAO (1993-2001).
Member of the SOAR Board of Directors. (1999-2003).
Chairman of the AURA-O Council of Directors (1999-2007).
Chairman of the AOSS Users Committee (1999-2007).
Member of the Board of Directors of the International Dark-Sky Association. (2000-2003; reappointed 2003-2006; elected by membership 2006-2009).
Member of IDA's Nominating Committee for its Board of Directors - 2006, 2007.
Invited participant - IDA European Section Heads meeting - Brussels, September, 2007.
Member of the NOAO Committee of Directors (2001-2003).
Member of NOAO's (successful) Recompetition Proposal Committee (2001).
Member of AURA Corp. Organizing committee - Gemini South dedication. (2001-2002).
Initiator and Member of the Scientific and Local Organizing Committee - International Conference on Light Pollution, La Serena, Chile. (2001-2002).
Member, NOAO Telescope Time Assignment Committee (Extragalactic).  (2004-2006). 
Member, Local Organizing Committee "The Cool Universe - Observing Cosmic Dawn" (Valparaiso, October, 2004).
Member, Local Organizing Committee,  Latin_American Regional IAU Meeting, (Pucon, 2005).
Member, Local Organizing Committee,  Sociedad Chilena de Astronomia, Annual Meeting, La Serena - 2006. 
    (Presented paper: Smith, M.G.,  Sanhueza, P. and Schwarz, H. E. 2006, "Los Cielos Chilenos en 2025?").
Member, Scientific Organizing Committee, UNESCO conference - "StarLight - A  Common Heritage", La Palma, April 2007.
Member, American Astronomical Society Committee on Light Pollution, Radio Interference and Space Debris (2005-2008).
Member, Steering Committee (14 members) of IAU Division B, which has over 2,600 members (2014-2015).
Outreach work in Hawaii (e.g. invited presenter at UHH Homecoming Educational Committe; panelist "Educational Opportunities in Space Exploration for our Youth" - invited by the UHH Na Pua No'eau - the Center for Gifted and Talented Native Hawaiian Children "Tour the Universe through Technology"; etc. ).

Other International outreach work:
Many appearances in the press, and on television and radio at local and national level in the US, UK, Chile, Spain and Argentina.
(e.g. Member of 2-person panel on live one-hour Q & A program "Mundo 2000" - in spanish - to 17 countries throughout the Americas for the NSF sponsored, Washington, DC-based, Hispanic Radio Network).
Invited contributor, UK National Astronomy Meeting, Milton Keynes, 2004.
Advisor to IAU (international) and US (national) outreach committees.  (2008-2009).
Invited Public Lecture in Christchurch, New Zealand on the impact of Light Pollution on the Nocturnal Environment (June, 2012) following participation in the Third International Starlight Conference at Lake Tekapo and the meeting of the IAU's Working Group on Astronomy and World Heritage at Mackenzie/Hermitage.

Other outreach work within Chile:  
Mamalluca municipal observatory, light pollution control (and setting up the OPCC, i.e. the national Office for the Protection of the Quality of the Skies of Northern Chile in La Serena), RedLaser,  STARLAB portable planetarium, Gemini StarTeachers, Project ASTRO-Chile, educational videoconferences, invited reviews at national amateur astronomy and educators conferences etc. - see, e.g. David Levy's article in Sky and Telescope, April 2005, p118).  Master Class - 45-minute invited lecture at inauguration of CONICYT/EXPLORA award to the Universidad de Concepcion.  October, 2007.
Invited participant, Regional Development Workshop  -  "Update of Regional Policies for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation  -  Region of Coquimbo" - Universidad Catolica del Norte, Coquimbo.  (2007).
Invited Master Class - presentation on the Ecological Consequences of Artificial Night Lighting - University of La Serena, Cátedra Raul Bitrán.  September, 2009.
Member of "Comite Asesor de Semanario Tiempo" (advisory committee to a local weekly newspaper).  2006 and 2007.  Given book (which turned out to be the first in a series) "Erque, Elqui, Vicuna - Anales de su 
Historia" with dedication from author "A Don Malcolm Smith y Señora por ser parte de nuestra Historia" and from the Mayor of Vicuna "Con carino y afecto para un gran amigo de Vicuna y al Valle de Elqui.  July, 2011.  
Awarded plaque by the Scuola Italiana "Alcide de Gasperi" de La Serena - "il presente riconooscimiento per la sua Conferenza Scientifica svolta nella nostra Scuola con motivo della Settimana delle Scienze, 20mo, Anniversario della nostra Scuola".  October 2011.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Invited cultural review speaker, XXVII Congreso (internacional) de la Sociedad Chilena de Endocrinología y Diabetes, November, 2016.   

Awards and distinctions for astronomical outreach:
Recognized by the County of Hawaii in 1993: "...Over the past nine years that you led the Joint Astronomy Centre, you have been instrumental in building the" [now US$1,000M per decade] "astronomy industry and helping to make Mauna Kea a world-recognized astronomy facility.  We recognize your efforts in developing our Research and Technology Park at the University of Hawaii at Hilo and in encouraging the Subaru" [Japanese 8m telescope] "project."
Awarded distinction ["El Galvano 'Municipalidad de Vicun~a' "] by the Municipality of Vicun~a in 1997 for "his personal support for and incentive to the Project for a new Astronomical Observatory of Vicun~a, provision of advice and outreach at the level of the international scientific community.." [and for] "..contributions to science and culture".
Awarded a distinction/galvano by the AURA Workers' Union in March 2007 "En reconocimiento a su destacada labor, lealtad y compromiso hacia el Sindicato de Trabajadores de AURA Inc., durante su periodo como Director de AURA Observatory in Chile".
Awarded a second distinction by the Municipality of Vicuna in 2009 "for his decisive support of the construction and functioning of the Cerro Mamalluca Observatory, in his role as Director of the Cerro Tololo Observatory - Fernanado Guaman Guaman, Mayor of Vicuna.  Vicuna, 16th October 2009".
Awarded a distinction by the XIIth International Amateur Astronomy Congress in recognition "of his outstanding work in Astronomy teaching and outreach in the Coquimbo Region."  La Serena, November 2009.
SOCHIAS distinction 2010 (the first in their series) "The Chilean Astronomical Society recognises with this distinction the outstanding contribution by Malcolm G. Smith to Chilean Astronomy.  Concepcion, January 2010". 
Awarded IYA 2009 certificate of appreciation by the International Astronomical Union - May 2010.
Awarded one of three diplomas at the International Light Pollution Seminar in Antofagasta (along with Fabio Falchi and Javier Diaz) - August 2010 '...for his distinguished trajectory in the proteccion and care of the night sky". 
.Awarded distinction of "Personaje del An~o - 2002" [Personality of the Year] by Regional Newspaper "El Tiempo" -  "for ... contributions to Regional development and motivation for the study and knowledge of astronomy".
Awarded the IDA's David Crawford Lifetime Achievement Award at the Bejing Planetarium during the Special Session on Light Pollution at the 2012 IAU General Assembly. "On August 29th, the lights went off and the stars turned on during a special event at Beijing Planetarium. As part of the meeting of the International Astronomical Union (IAU), Dr. Malcolm Smith, National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) was honored for his long and substantial contributions to light pollution abatement on behalf of astronomical observatories and the community at large...Dr. Smith has argued the case for a transformation that would not only help astronomers but would also benefit human health and energy conservation."

Other Activities, community and personal:
Tennis, hiking, foreign languages, music, anthropology; writing - first published poem (in Spanish - "Preguntas al Pacifico") in the "Golden Book of Regional Poetry" [Libro de Oro de la Poesia Regional, Region de Coquimbo, 1998, p116 ] , former member of the Rotary Club of Hilo (Paul Harris Fellow); current member of the Rotary Club of La Serena; was elected as Club President for Rotary year 2011-2012; former English schoolboys field-hockey national trialist and member of the London University field-hockey team which played in England and in other countries. Solo-ed in a Cessna (in the US) and have piloted gliders (in the UK).  Former member of Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce and Japanese Chamber of Commerce - Island of Hawaii.  Photography of humming birds. Outreach and educational work with Ramsar wetlands site in Chile to protect night-time environment.  Member of Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (via Slimbridge, UK). Invited to return to community work to protect against tsunamis after initial efforts in the 90s were rejected as "potentially threatening to the local tourism industry".  Member of international team that won a 2012-2013 Rotary Matching Grant "Tsunami - Saving Lives" (funded in July 2012); I  provided a 6-year future vision statement to extend this in the future to the entire Pacific "Ring of Fire".  Signed (on behalf of Rotary Club La Serena) "Acuerdo de Co-operacion Multidisciplinaria e Internacional en Apoyo a la Educación, Cultura y el Turismo Responsable" with Rotary Club San Juan Capital during the first international meeting of the Argentine Astronomical Society and the Sociedad Chilena de Astrofica in San Juan.   Current member (representing Rotary) of the Consejo Comunal de Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil of the Municipality of La Serena.   
Awarded Rotary District Governor's distinction "En reconocimiento a su sobresaliente desempeno como presidente del Club, cumpliendo los objectives fijados por Rotary, con un marcado liderazgo, que le permitio impulsar las actividades de su Club en pos de mejorar la calidad de vida de su comunidad, durante el period 2011-2012 de la Gobernacion del Distrito 4320" (which stretches from Valparaiso to Arica).  Invited to serve as Rotary District Governor's Assistant for the three La Serena Rotary Clubs for the Rotary Year 2013-2014.
Gave one of the two invited discourses at 2012 Rotary area meeting on Tsunamis - along with the Director of Civil Defence, Municipality of La Serena.

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