CHILE Mirror of CTIO Telescope Schedules

February 2001
March 2001
April 2001
May 2001
June 2001
July 2001
Approved Proposals for 2001A
These schedules were last updated
August 2001
September 2001
October 2001
November 2001
December 2001
January 2002
Approved Proposals for 2001B

The "Official" CTIO Telescope schedule is stored on the ALPS database in Tucson. Accessing the schedule in Tucson will produce the most up to date version possible "on the fly" from the ALPS database. For the convenience of persons located in Chile when the net is very slow, non-functional or when the ALPS computer is down, an up to date schedule is automatically generated once a day at about 6AM Chile time and stored here. The time they were last updated is shown so you can be sure when they were last updated. After the semester begins, the only changes are usually last minute DD time assignments so these schedules will be correct well over 99.9% of the time.

The approved proposal list is mirrored but not routinely updated since in theory it does not change. The referenced abstracts are not mirrored, but can be retrieved automatically from Tucson by clicking on the reference (if the net is working), just as they can in the Tucson schedule.

The telescope schedule pages were designed so that each month's schedule would print to a page using the File/Print... option on your browser. In the latest versions of most browsers, these pages seem to print pretty well in portrait mode without any adjustments. The way the browser prints is not usually affected by the font setting. However, it is sometimes hard to read the letters on the screen if the font size is set too small.

Questions about the schedule should be directed to Stefanie Wachter. If you have problems obtaining a nicely printed page of the schedule with your browser please contact Dave Bell.

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