Site-testing Instruments

Working group of the Division IX of the International Astronomical Union (IAU)

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  • Turbulence
    • Seeing
    • Turbulence profile
    • Time constant
    • Isoplanatic angle
    • Outer scale
  • Cloud cover
  • Water vapor
  • Dust and extinction
  • Sky brightness
The mission of this Working group is:
  • to help in maintaining mutual consistency between site-testing and monitoring instruments world-wide
  • to develop standards and definitions of site parameters
  • to promote information exchange on site-testing and monitoring methods, equipment, calibration
  • to encourage international cooperation in site-testing, including developing countries

We focus on site-testing for night-time optical and IR astronomy and leave aside radio and day-time testing, at least for now. This WG covers only the instrumentation aspects of site testing and monitoring.

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