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AURA Sites Group
Brooke Gregory (lead); Sebastian Els (Chile Sites, Data Analysis); Andrei Tokovinin (Turbulence profiles, AO);  Edison Bustos (DIMM, weather towers, programming, Chile sites); Juan Seguel (MASS, weather towers, Chile sites); Joselino Vasquez (Chile sites); David Walker (All Sky Cameras, Data bases, Chile Sites); Jay Elias (NOAO GSMT Program Office Manager )

Collaborators: Konstantinos Vogiatzis (Hydrodynamical modeling); Matthias Schoeck (TMT), Paul Gillet (TMT), Warren Skidmore (TMT), Reed Riddle (TMT), Tony Travouillon (TMT), Mark Chun (IfA/Mauna Kea); Victor Kornilov (MASS Instrument, Sternberg Institute, University of Moscow); Dave De Young (NOAO, hydrodynamical modeling); Steve Strom (GSMT Science Working Group)

The AURA NIO Sites Group is working on TMT
Who we are: Explanatory statement
The Thirty Meter Telescope:
Local Data
Pachón MASS-DIMM Daily Plots
Pachón Real Time Seeing
Pachón Real Time MASS Seeing
Penyon Real Time Weather

Tololo MASS-DIMM Daily Plots
Tololo Real Time Seeing and Weather

CTIO/Pachon Database (ASCAS, MASS, and more)
CTIO DIMM Database

Monthly Tololo Median Seeing
Monthly Pachón Median Seeing
Sites Workshop III, Vancouver, BC, June 2005
Sites WorkShop II, Tucson, July 2002
Sites WorkShop I, October 2001

Remote Sites Data
March 2004 Tololo Campaign
Weather Data
Northern Chile (Active Sites Information)

TMT Sites Status Page

Information and Resources
Enabling a Giant Segmented Mirror Telescope for the Astronomical Community. There is a section on site testing and selection
Initial Site Selection Criteria in N. Chile (With Maps,
Light Pollution, Mining, Etc.)

Sites Documents
CFD Modeling October, 2003
CFD Sensitivity Analysis (April, 05, MS Word
Sites Plan June 30, 2003 (HTML, MS Word)
Satellite Comparison of Sites (part 1, part 2)
Current CTIO Equipment Inventory (xls)
CTIO DIMM (overview); DIMM Software (PDF, PS)
Tololo MASS-DIMM Manual (Draft 3/31/04; pdf)
More Manuals and Technical Information
TMT Instrument/Telescope Manuals Page

The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT)
TMT Sites Page
CELT Sites page
George Djorgovski's CELT Sites Page
Operating the Tololo and Pachon MASS-DIMMs

Tololo MASS-DIMM System Software ('the Supervisor & friends")
MASS Software (Turbina and extras)

TMT Sites Software Page
GOES Satellite Movies of Northern Chile, Hawaii, and the SW USA+Mexico
Chilean Weather Forecast
Andre Erasmus' Web Page

Jet Stream Animations for Southern Hemisphere from the San Francisco State University
Chilean Forecast of Cordillera de Los Andes
Information about Chilean routes

CELT, Cornell , ESO, Mexico (IAUNAM & INAOE), University of Tokyo
High Altitude Links
Sites Safety Guidelines 
NRAO High Altitude Information page (A link to information supplied by the NRAO/ALMA project)
Article on High Altitude Performance and Use of Supplemental Oxygen, West & Readhead (PDF)

Field Contact Information
Cell Phones

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Gemini is an international partnership managed by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy under a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation. Partner countries include the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Chile, Australia, Argentina, and Brazil.

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