Call for Proposals 2020A - SOAR Opportunities

This article is intended to highlight opportunities available on SOAR for semester 2020A. As always, prospective observers need to apply for time through the individual SOAR partners (as outlined here).

More AEON Options

The number of configurations supported for queue observing through AEON is increased to include both Goodman spectrograph cameras (red and blue) and additional grating configurations. For details, see the SOAR/AEON home page. This program is available to all SOAR partners in 2020A, not just through NOAO.

Instrument Suite

As a reminder, the available facility instruments comprise:

Targets of Opportunity

The target of opportunity policy has been revised slightly, with the objective of simplifying allocation of interrupts. In general, this may enable one or two additional programs, but is not a major change from the last two semesters.