Reducing your SOAR data


  • Imaging/Photometry 
    • Reducing SOI  optical images
    • Reducing SAM optical images
    • Reducing Goodman HTS optical imaging data
    • Reducing SPARTAN near-IR images

      Comparison between color composite images of the NGC 1232 spiral galaxy, obtained with VLT (left) and with SAM (right). The gain in resolution provided by SAM is significant.
      Image in the SDSS-z band of the low-mass pre-main sequence binary T43 in the Chamaeleon star forming region. At 0.8 arcsec separation, this pair is cleanly resolved with the 0.36 arcsec resolution delivered by SAM on that night



Goodman HTS optical spectrum of a weak-lined T Tauri star in the Orion OB1 association. Obtained with the 400 gpm grating in its red setup.