SAM Computers


Machine and application  Name  IP and VNC connection  User 
Real-Time Computer (RTC)  soartt4  ao 
Instrument control (ICS)  soaraom  ao 
LGS control (SLGM)  soaraom  slgm 
LCH watchdog (SLCH)  soaraom  slch 
AOM mechanisms (AOM)  soaraom  aom 
HRCam computer  soarhrcam  shrc
SAMI computer  soarhrc  simager
SAM power control  soarenv  soarenv:1 
  • RTC notes: 
    Location: SOAR computer room 
    Boot only after switching on the PXI chassis in the rack! 
    Fiber connections to Leach controller (WFS) and PXI
  • AOM computer notes:
     Location: Electronics rack on the SOAR platform 
    RS-485 to mechanisms and laser (4 lines) 
    Two reserved Ethernet connections to two Prosilica cameras
  • SAMI computer notes: 
    Location: SOAR computer room 
    Fiber connection to SAM Leach controller 
  • HRCAM computer notes:
     Location: in SAM rack (Intel NUC mini-PC, needs mini-HDMI display cable)
    USB connection to HRCam (Luca), filter wheel is controlled by Ethernet

power to laser box, M4, and LLT:
Pachon DIMM:
Pachon MASS: