SOAR Observing Statistics

The table below summarizes time usage for the telescope starting in FY 2014. Data for FY 2018 are complete only through July, and will be updated after the close of the fiscal year. The "engineering and closure" time is the percentage of nights scheduled; the weather and technical time lost is percentage of all hours reported.

SOAR Observing Time Statistics
FISCAL YEAR Eng/Closed time % nights Percent of science time lost
Weather Technical
2014 12.5% 16.5% 3.8%
2015 12.5% 21.6% 4.4%
2016 10.9% 33.4% 4.1%
2017 7.9% 27.7% 3.7%
2018 9.9% 15.4% 3.2%

The figure below summarizes over-subscription rates for NOAO and Brazil (Chile to be added). The over-subscription is the ratio of new requests to available nights (after subtracting prior commitments such as surveys).