TripleSpec 4.1 Science Verification

The initial TripleSpec commissioning results on the telescope were successful, although some engineering tasks remain to optimize efficiency of the observations. Based on these results, we are prepared to offer time for science verification with the instrument. Anyone interested in obtaining such observations should write to [Sean Points & Jay Elias] with a proposal containing the following information:

- Science objective of the observation(s)
- Technical details on the observation(s)

We are looking for observations that span a range of target types (bright/faint, solar system, extended, emission-line vs. continuum, etc.).

Proposals should be submitted as a pdf and should include the proposer's name, affiliation and contact e-mail. Co-investigators can be included, but all contact will be with the PI. Please limit your proposal to 1 page of text; an additional page may be used (if needed) for figures.

If you want your proposal to be considered for the April observing nights, please submit no later than noon Chilean time, April 8.
(UPDATE) Proposals for the June run should be submitted by 5 PM Chilean time, June 7.

We are interested in proposals from across the SOAR partnership. We especially encourage proposals from people who have obtained and published data with TSpec on Blanco, but others are welcome. We expect to have 2-3 nights in mid-April and possibly as many as 4 nights in June. SV programs may include more than one object, but should not exceed 1 night in duration. Targets or target lists that allow flexibility in scheduling are encouraged.

Most observations will be performed by SOAR staff, but we reserve the option of inviting experienced observers to participate.

- Sean Points & Jay Elias