SPARTAN Near-IR Camera

System Overview

The Spartan Infrared Camera is a high spatial resolution near-IR imager.  Spartan has a focal plane conisisting of four "Hawaii-II" 2048x2048 pixel HgCdTe detectors. Two different scales are provided: the f/12 channel offers an FOV of 5.04 x 5.04 arcmin at 0.066 arcsec/pixel chosen to resolve the diffraction limited core of Tip-Tilt corrected images in the H, and K bands; the f/21 channel has an FOV of 3.05 x 3.05 arcmin with a scale of 0.040 arcsec/pixel (Loh et al., 2012, PASP, 124, 343). Please note that the high-resolution mode is not recommended due to oversampling by the small pixel scale. Spartan has two filters wheels which together can hold a total of 29, 50mm diameter filters of thickness up to 15mm.  Broadband Y, J, H and K (based on the MKO-NIR prescription) and 9 narrow-band filters are available.
SPARTAN Cheat Sheet

Exposure Times with SPARTAN

Spartan Filters


Further information is available from the Spartan IRC home page at MSU