SOAR Adaptive Optics Module (SAM)

The SOAR Adaptive Module (SAM) is a laser-assisted adaptive optics system at the 4.1-m SOAR telescope. By compensating selectively low-altitude turbulence sensed by a UV laser guide-star, it improves resolution at visible wavelengths. The sky coverage is nearly full.  SAM contains a 4Kx4K CCD imager covering the 3-arcmin square field and can feed light to a small visitor instrument attached to its port (Tokovinin et al. 2016).

SAM News

SAM using SOI Filter Wheel

Dec 1, 2017
Because the SAMI 7 position filter wheel failed, it has been replaced temporarily with a compatible filter wheel from the SOAR Imager (SOI). The impact for SAM users is that the SOI filter has only 5 positions, each for a 4 x 4 inch square filter. Therfore, only up to a maximum of 5 filters can be requestd for use on SAMI on any given night.

Observers can still request any of the 3x3 inch SAMI filters, as we have enough adapter frames for the five 4x4 inch  positions in the SOI filer wheel. Users can also request any of the 4x4 inch filters available on the SOAR Filter web page.

A new 7-position filter wheel for the SAMI 3x3 inch filters is being designed, and will replace the current temporary SOI filter wheel.