The R-C Spectrograph for the 1.5-m Telescope.

Observer's Manual
Provides a basic description of the 1.5-m R-C Spectrograph.
Arcon with the 1.5-m R-C Spectrograph
This manual covers the ARCON-IRAF software interface that is used to acquire images.
System Efficiency
Plot of the efficiency of the 1.5-m R-C spectrograph (percentage of photons striking the primary that are detected) versus wavelength for four low-dispersion gratings (13, 11, 09 and 32).
The blaze wavelengths, spectral resolution and wavelength coverage for each of the 1.5-m R-C spectrograph's twelve gratings.
Standard order blocking filters for the 1.5-m R-C spectrograph.
Comparison spectra
He-Ne-Ar reference spectra (from 4-m RC spectrograph, but apply to 1.5-m as well).
Quick Reference
Useful numbers collected in one place.

Recent Developments:

The most up to date data on the performance of the spectrograph: Changes in, and additions to, cameras, CCDs, gratings, etc.... are available :

Loral 1200x800 CCD commissioning notes (1995).

Some User Manuals are now available on Mosaic. The basic optical characteristics of the spectrograph will be found in the CTIO Facilities Manual. This information is obsolescent and is often superceded by newer data in the "Recent Developments" section above. 
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