Multiplicity of Herbig Ae/Be Stars

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Herbig Ae/Be stars

Herbig Ae/Be stars are pre-main sequence stars of intermediate mass, with masses between 2 and 8 Msun.

Their characteristics are:
and as such they are the link between low-mass PMS stars and high-mass PMS stars.

Publications and presentations

Posters presented at the January 2007 AAS:

IAU Symposiom 240, August 2006:
Posters presented at the January 2006 AAS:

Protostars and Planets V, October 2005:


Several CTIO REU/PIA students have contributed to this project, and results of their work can be found in the HAEBE Student Pages. This summer Claudia Araya from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile will be working with us.


Bernadette Rodgers
Nicole van der Bliek
Sandrine Thomas
Greg Doppmann

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January 15, 2007