Name Description
All_Conference_Room All Conference Rooms Summary
AURA_Lecture_Hall AURA Lecture Hall
Blanco_4m_Visitors_Center Blanco Visitor Center Room
CAS_Meeting_Room CAS Meeting Room
Chile_USA_Holidays Chilean Holidays
Colloquia_and_Technical_Talks Colloquia and Talks
CPHS_AURA_La_Serena Calendario Comite Paritario de La Serena
CTIO_Main_Conf_Room CTIO Main Conference Room Schedule
CTIO_Visiting_Astronomers CTIO Visiting Astronomers Calendar
Facilities_Operations_Projects Facilities/Operations Projects Calendar
Gemini_Eng_Room Gemini Engineering Room
New_Small_Conf_Room New Small Conference ROOM
Operations_Vacations Vacaciones de Facilities/Operaciones (La Serena/Tololo)
Remote_Obs_Center Remote Observing Center Room
WorkOrders WorkOrders

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